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I like to tell and listen to stories. My unlikely choice of major (math) led me to a first career in investment management. A big part of my job was helping to craft the story of our results each month/quarter/year to our corporate and private clients. What did the results mean? How could you put them in context?  Was a negative return really that bad if the market had done worse?

I left investment management to attend Harvard Business School with the desire to transition to the healthcare field. After a summer experience at Massachusetts General Hospital, I knew that I wanted to combine my healthcare and business experiences and joined the Wilkerson Group, a boutique management consulting firm that specialized in solving problems within the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic industries. Analyzing markets, devising strategies and communicating stories were again at the core of the work I did.

As an elected member of the Westfield Board of Education, my passion for education was fueled. This really wasn’t a surprise to me as both of my parents were public school teachers and “school talk” was a large part of my upbringing. I shifted gears professionally and re-entered the workforce in a human resource capacity. Reviewing countless resumes and interviewing numerous college and graduate students opened my eyes to the need to craft a well-articulated personal story. To get past the initial resume and cover letter review, students needed to stand out in a unique way. Successful candidates could tell their story both on paper and in an interview.

I looked for ways to combine my recruiting insights with my knowledge of the school system and college consulting was the perfect match. Lisa and I had been classmates at Harvard Business School and had crossed paths as involved community members in Westfield. I joined College Bound Mentor to help high school students find and articulate their own personal stories.

So, what’s your story? I’d love to find out.

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