Don’t Get Fooled by College Marketing

Written by Lisa Bleich In the world of highly competitive college admissions, it seems contradictory that colleges would spend so much time and money marketing to students when every article you [...]

Should I send it?

As the early deadlines approach, students wonder what, if any additional information should they send. Here is a great chart created by Tufts admissions that will help you decide if you should [...]

5 Tips For Planning College Visits

Below are five tips on how to plan the trips effectively and what you can do while you are there. We used #Boston University as an example.   Review the Academic Calendar All schools have a link [...]

Senior Timeline

Written by Lisa Bleich. Back to school is a busy time for everyone, especially Seniors who are applying to college. Keep a close eye on deadlines as each college and program has their own unique [...]

Freshman College Schedules, Ease In

#Collegeplanning, #Freshmanyear We overheard some students planning their freshman college schedule. “I got a 5 on the AP Bio exam, so I’m placing out of Bio 100 and am taking a harder class.” “I [...]

Rebecca Bleich

As a history major at Brandeis University I was drawn to learning about different stories from folklore and mythology. Most of my undergrad career was spent hunting down obscure tales and [...]

Sex, Drugs, And The World Cup

Written by Lisa Bleich. My husband and I sat smooshed together on bench surrounded by a 1,000 eager fans watching the final match of the World Cup out an outdoor Biergarten in Berlin.  Our legs [...]

College Housing Tips

Do you select a roommate in advance, how honest should you be in the roommate questionnaire? In this video, we discuss living in dorms and selecting roommates, especially for Freshman.

College Meal Plans

What is the right meal plan for you at college? In this video, we will discuss some thoughts and options on choosing the right meal plan.