College Visit: Barnard College

As we navigated our way through the picturesque enclosed upper Manhattan campus, students began emerging from class. Instead of looking at their phones, everyone was engaged and smiling as they [...]

One Mistake Does Not A Denial Make

Every year, we get a panicked email or phone call because a student “messed” up on their application. Either they, forgot to send their official test scores; they put the wrong number of hours or [...]

Changes to College Admissions

Lisa and Abby led a conversation about College Admissions Trends, how they have impacted applicants, and what to expect in the upcoming application cycle. The following topics and more were [...]

College Visit: University of Coimbra

The University of Coimbra is the oldest and most prestigious university in Portugal. There are 30,000 students studying everything from Literature to Law. Medicine and Law are two of its most [...]