Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University is a selective mid-sized Jesuit school located in Silicon Valley, about 50 miles from San Francisco and 15 miles from Palo Alto. The Spanish architecture and lush gardens [...]

University of Miami

Written by Abby Power and Lisa Bleich Looking for a diverse, inclusive, student body, energetic vibe, great weather, with a  wide range of academic options and don’t mind Ubering throughout [...]

Occidental College

The Uber driver left us off on campus where we were supposed to meet the other 50+ independent educational consultants for breakfast in the Greek Theater.  It gave us a chance to walk across the [...]

Wake Forest

We had the opportunity to visit Wake Forest as part of a North Carolina college tour that Beth and I organized.  We arrived on a beautiful, brisk February morning.  We had an hour before the [...]

Context Is Key

“Context is key.”  We heard this idea over and over again at the IECA Conference in Los Angeles this week.  Perhaps it was a response to the Harvard case that’s been in the news over the past [...]

Gurinder Kalra

My story has always come back to one truth: I love to learn. I grew up in Westfield, NJ and graduated from Westfield High School in 1998. As an English major at the College of the Holy Cross, I [...]