The College Bound Mentor Process

Step 1 | Initial Consultation

We start with a self-assessment to understand who you are, what makes you excited, interested, and unique. Next, we look at the classes you are taking and the extra-curricular activities you are pursuing to develop a high school plan that meshes with your interests. If we identify gaps in your activities or course work, we will brainstorm with you about how to fill those gaps with community service, courses, extracurricular or summer activities that align with your innate strengths and passions.

Step 2 | College List

Finding colleges that best meet your needs and are most likely to accept you is a challenge. College Bound Mentor starts with a personal needs assessment and develops a detailed list of colleges that meet your criteria. We develop your personal list from our proprietary database. We include in-depth data about the colleges that best match your goals and your strengths organized by reach, possible, likely, and safety schools.

Step 3 | Application

College Bound Mentor works collaboratively and in-depth with you on your college applications. We ensure that all pieces of your application including your essays, activity listing and supplemental information communicate a consistent, integrated message reflecting your strengths. We work with you on every aspect of the Application Mentor Package.

Step 4 | Mock Interview

We have interviewed close to a thousand people from college applicants to CEOs. These experiences have given us the skills to probe beneath the surface of you as a person, uncover your strengths and weaknesses, and make you comfortable talking about yourself.

Step 5 | Final Decision

For some students, the final decision is easy. For others, now the real work begins. Students change over the course of this process and many can only make a final decision once all the information is in hand. We will sit down with you and walk with you through your options. This helps validate the right school for you. Keep in mind that many students change their minds about what is the “right” school for them.

For those students for whom financial assistance plays a big part in their ultimate decision, we will present you the financial implications of your decision in a straightforward, practical way. We will also coach you and your parents on ways to negotiate with financial aid officers.

We cannot offer any guarantees that they will provide you more money.

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