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I was excited to see Belmont University because I had heard about its outstanding music business program and location, just two miles from downtown Nashville, TN.  While Belmont has a historical and unapologetic Christian affiliation, the campus is welcoming and engaging to all faiths. The admissions counselor said that they think of faith on a spectrum and Belmont is in the middle; students can do as much or as little as they want.  Belmont is rooted in liberal arts with strong pre-professional programs as well.

Freshman and Sophomores are required to live on this picturesque 84-acre campus located right next to Music Row, but 78% of all students choose to remain on campus all four years. Belmont is the largest Christian university in Tennessee and students are required to take two classes from the Theology and Christian Ministry department.  Learning, service, and social action are heavily emphasized at this innovative university which aims to help students explore their passions and develop their talents to meet the needs of today’s world.


Belmont combines strong academic programs with majors that align with local industries.

Belmont’s core curriculum follows a distinct path which ensures students are ready for the college experience as well as real-world demands. The First Year Seminar teaches students to think in a new way and be exposed to other ideas, while the Interdisciplinary Learning Communities help students explore how all the various academic disciplines are interconnected. Belmont’s Junior Cornerstone emphasizes teamwork and ensures that Belmont students learn to think less about themselves and more about their contribution to the world, and the Senior Capstone emphasizes course reflection.

As a vibrant hub for government, healthcare, music and tourism, Nashville brings unique opportunities to students in any major of study. For example, students interested in any of the nine majors within the field of music have Belmont’s forty-year-old music program just steps away from all the action. Students not only learn from professors who are music professionals, they have countless festivals and performances in the area. The Nursing Program offers direct-admit entry and a 97% pass rate. Selective to students with a 22 ACT, 1100 SAT and 3.0 GPA, undergraduates dive right into the nursing curriculum. Experiential learning opportunities abound with access to hospitals and clinical agencies that rank in the top 100 in the country.

Students in all majors are encouraged to participate in Belmont Abroad, Belmont on Mission or Belmont USA. For internships, recent students have found positions at Sony, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Lifeway Christian Resources, Caterpillar Financial, Country Music Television, Cigna-Health Spring and the Tennessee State Legislature.

Social Life

Belmont has over 200 clubs and organizations. Many are focused on service with faith integrated within them. About 20% of students participate in Greek life. Music performances and athletics are popular activities. Belmont is a dry campus and they strictly enforce the drinking age. Alcohol is available for those students who want to partake in it at off campus parties. And, of course, once students turn 21, there is an abundance of bars on Broadway Street in downtown Nashville along with countless music venues and restaurants where students of age can dance, drink, and listen to live music.

Student Body

We saw a mix of students on campus.  The students described themselves as: Musical, Hipster, Diverse, Passionate, Inspired, Intentional, Fun, and Christian. Roughly 90% of the student body identify as Christian, however their involvement with their faith varies. Our tour guide was a senior majoring in Biblical Studies with a minor in video production.  She was very involved with faith-based and service organizations on campus. Her plans upon graduation included working for a church and combining her video production skills along with her liturgical knowledge. Longer-term, she hoped to become a minister. A nursing student from New Jersey described the students as welcoming and inclusive.

Many students come specifically for the music industry program, performing arts, athletics or health sciences and are not as focused on their faith; others come because they want a Christian college. Students can find their niche within the various groups.  

Surrounding Area

Located adjacent to Music Row, Belmont is down the street from Vanderbilt and about a 10-15 minute Uber or Lyft drive from downtown Nashville where there are numerous restaurants, bars, stadiums and museums. Many students attend church services in the community and enjoy local fairs and celebrations.

Admissions and Financial Aid

Admissions at Belmont is rolling and there is a two-week turnaround for decisions. Interviews are only required for students contending for top scholarships. Belmont does not require essays and they do not superscore the ACT or SAT. The average ACT score is 27, and the average SAT score is 1100.

Belmont offers several merit scholarships. The Presidential Scholarship is the most competitive: five Students receive full scholarships based on ACT (33-36), GPA (3.97 unweighted), academic rigor, and extracurricular activities.

Approximately 150 students receive $15,000 per year, however $3000-$10,000 is most common amount.

Auditions for performance and talent placements occur after students are admitted to the university. Musical Theater admits 15 students per year. Students need to get into college and then visit and audition for major. Other performance majors do not have limits. Art major requires an art portfolio and Songwriting major requires students to submit three original songs.


Belmont University is a unique, nurturing liberal arts college that encourages students to go out into the world, make their mark, and impact others.

Belmont University

Address: 1900 Belmont Blvd

Nashville, TN 37212

Phone: (615) 460-6000

Belmont University

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