Should I send it?

As the early deadlines approach, students wonder what, if any additional information should they send. Here is a great chart created by Tufts admissions that will help you decide if you should [...]

Senior Timeline

Written by Lisa Bleich. Back to school is a busy time for everyone, especially Seniors who are applying to college. Keep a close eye on deadlines as each college and program has their own unique [...]

Freshman College Schedules, Ease In

#Collegeplanning, #Freshmanyear We overheard some students planning their freshman college schedule. “I got a 5 on the AP Bio exam, so I’m placing out of Bio 100 and am taking a harder class.” “I [...]

Waitlist: Now What?

Waitlists or alternative acceptances can be frustrating and curious depending on whether or not you considered the school a likely or safety.  The key for this time of year is to focus on the [...]

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer

To make the most of your summer, it’s good to start early, even if snow is still on the ground! Many summer programs have an application deadline of March 1 or earlier and others offer [...]

Class Planning: Challenge, Don’t Overwhelm

Written by Lisa Bleich “I’m so stressed out about what classes to take next year!” moaned my youngest daughter when she was a sophomore in high school. “What do you mean? I thought we figured out [...]

Five surprising ways students love SCAD

Five surprising ways students love Savannah College of Art and Design 1. Athletics. SCAD boasts 12 varsity athletic teams, including a very strong equestrian, fencing and tennis teams.  So if you [...]

Coalition Print Preview

The Coalition finally added the Preview feature similar to the CommonApp. Coalition PDFs will live in the “Media” drop down of your Locker and may be shared privately with “Contacts” that you [...]