What To Do If You’re Denied

What do you do if your denied or waitlisted for your first choice college? WITHIN THE FIRST 24 HOURS  Scream. Good and loud.  Get out all your disappointment, anger and frustration of a process [...]

Sending Mid-year Reports

Now is time to put in a request to guidance to send your midyear report. Many schools to which you were accepted Early Decision still require a Midyear Report.  Each high school has a different [...]

What to Do If You’re Deferred

If you were deferred by an ED or EA school, you are now part of the regular applicant pool, and it is important to help yourself stand out, but it is also important to follow the guidelines of [...]

Become an Application Stalker

After you submit your application on the CommonApp, it should look like this. You should receive a student ID from the schools to which you applied or an e-mail confirming your submission.  [...]