Making the Final College Decision

“Do you think a day can go by without you asking me where I want to go to college?”  My daughter, who’s a high school senior, asked me. I smiled back, because I knew she [...]

More Changes to the FAFSA

How to list colleges on the FAFSA has long been an issue with families as there were rumors that the order may impact financial awards. For the past few years we’ve recommended that [...]

College Affordability

Written by Lisa Bleich College affordability is a complex issue, not easily tackled by colleges or families. I recently attended a symposium on college admissions trends that included independent [...]

Grappling with the Final College Decision

“What are you grappling with?” I asked each of the Harvard Business School mentees as they joined my table during the speed mentoring evening. “The CEO of the my company just offered me a new job [...]

Finding College Scholarships

Written by Lisa Bleich Outside College Scholarships Seniors, once the elation of getting accepted into school wears off, the financial reality may start to set in.  If you do not qualify for [...]

Saving vs Borrowing for College

Written by Lisa Bleich When our first daughter was born in 1994, UGMAs (Uniform Gifts to Minors Act) were touted as the best way to save for college. We readily set up an UGMA in her name [...]

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