Freshman College Schedules, Ease In

Freshman College Schedules, Ease In #Collegeplanning, #Freshmanyear We overheard some students planning their freshman college schedule. “I got a 5 on the AP Bio exam, so I’m placing out of Bio [...]

College Acceptances: Results Are In!

We are very proud of our students and happy to report where our students received college acceptances. Everyone has been accepted to a school that is a great fit for them.  It seems like every [...]

Making the Final College Decision

“Do you think a day can go by without you asking me where I want to go to college?”  My daughter, who’s a high school senior, asked me. I smiled back, because I knew she was [...]

The Importance of Admitted Student Day

“I’m so bored!!” My daughter whisper complained to me during the third hour of the business school Admitted Student Day presentation.   She was much more interested in what her [...]

Anxiety and Depression

Written by Lisa Bleich Anxiety and depression are rampant among teens and college students and sadly an increasing number of students are taking their own lives. Each time we hear of another [...]

Thanksgiving Transfer Fever

Written by Lisa Bleich. Thanksgiving is a time filled with family, turkey (this year one of ours will be fried due to my husband’s newfound turkey preparation passion), football, and in many [...]

Sex, Drugs, And The World Cup

Written by Lisa Bleich. My husband and I sat smooshed together on bench surrounded by a 1,000 eager fans watching the final match of the World Cup out an outdoor Biergarten in Berlin.  Our legs [...]