Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University is a selective mid-sized Jesuit school located in Silicon Valley, about 50 miles from San Francisco and 15 miles from Palo Alto. The Spanish architecture and lush gardens [...]

University of Miami

Written by Abby Power and Lisa Bleich Looking for a diverse, inclusive, student body, energetic vibe, great weather, with a  wide range of academic options and don’t mind Ubering throughout [...]

Occidental College

The Uber driver left us off on campus where we were supposed to meet the other 50+ independent educational consultants for breakfast in the Greek Theater.  It gave us a chance to walk across the [...]

Virginia College tours

Written by Lisa Bleich We spent a fabulous week touring seven Virginia Universities, six public and one private. Each school is unique and impressive in its own right. Virginia offers outstanding [...]

North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University “NC State” NC State is the second most competitive public university in North Carolina (behind UNC Chapel Hill), and has the most competitive engineering programs [...]

Duke University College Visit

For the past few years, clients that visited Duke University came back declaring their love and that they wanted to apply Early Decision.  I was eager to visit for myself to see what all the hype [...]

Saint Louis University (SLU):

During my last “Moms’ Weekend” for my daughter, Gabby’s sorority at WashU in St. Louis, my daughter and I decided to visit Saint Louis University.   Gabby was eager to see how they run their [...]

St. Louis University

Saint Louis University is an excellent option for students who want a faith-driven, service-oriented, pre-professional school located in a great city.  The philosophy that permeates the campus is [...]

Salve Regina University: Visit Review

Salve Regina University: Visit Review Imagine a college nestled between Newport mansions, with an expansive outdoor patio overlooking a breathtaking view of the ocean.  Imagine a campus with [...]