Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is designed to assess the student’s progress to date. It is also an opportunity for College Bound Mentor to get to know the student better to develop a personalized plan for the student based on his or her individual needs. We will meet with the student to achieve the following goals:

Conduct a personal needs assessment and identify student’s goals with respect to finding the “right” college for him or her.
Evaluate the student’s academic and extracurricular history–including transcript, test scores, extracurricular activities, community service, and outside interests.
Identify strengths and potential gaps in student’s record.
Develop a one year plan including strategies, recommendations for coursework, activities, summer experiences, college visits, community service and internships.

Personalized College List

Finding the colleges that best meet your needs and are most likely to accept you is a challenge. College Bound Mentor starts with a personal needs assessment and develops a detailed list of the colleges that meet your criteria. If appropriate, we will identify learning support options at the various schools to see if they match your needs. Your personal list includes in-depth data about the colleges that best match your goals and your strengths organized by reach, possible, likely, and safety schools. This level of detail provides a clear road map for students of how to present themselves based on historical profiles of accepted students. This does not include unlimited e-mail and phone calls.

Essay Writing Assistance

If a high school senior only wants help on the essay portion of his or her application, College Bound Mentor will work with the student in person, by phone, by Skype® or by e-mail at an hourly rate. We do not write essays for students, but provide questions and suggestions to guide the student through the process. We keep reviewing and revising the essay until the student’s voice comes through and the essay effectively communicates to the admissions committee the student’s unique characteristics and story. We focus on the goal of providing a clear, positive, and holistic picture of the student to the admissions committee.

Career Assessment

Students will do a “Do What You Are” assessment based on Meyers-Briggs as well as a strengths-based inventory. After the assessment, College Bound Mentor will sit down with the student and analyze the findings and develop some possible career goals based on interests and strengths. We will also discuss various pathways to achieve their goals.

Other Services

As outlined in Application Mentor Package above, students can contract for select services, e.g. mock interview, “Brag Sheet”, Initial Consultation, etc.

* Fee schedule available upon request. Please call us at 908.789.8566 or e-mail us at

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