College Bound Mentor offers personalized, one-on-one tutoring for students seeking to improve their writing and/or reading comprehension.  Tutoring sessions are tailored to fit each student’s academic goals in English Language Arts and may include:
  • Reviewing student writing, including past assignments, to identify goals for improvement.
  • Developing ideas for upcoming writing assignments.
  • Reviewing assignment drafts and providing feedback during sessions or via email/Google Docs.
  • Working to improve prewriting strategies in order to craft an original and clear thesis statement and to identify/select the best evidence to support this thesis.
  • Reviewing proper structure and organization of an essay.
  • Analyzing course text(s) or related texts chosen by our tutor to enrich reading comprehension and analytical abilities.
  • Developing an understanding of the use of rhetorical strategies and the importance of audience and purpose.
  • Learning how to use a variety of evidence from primary and secondary sources to build and support a well-crafted argument in a research paper.
  • Reviewing grammar and sentence construction to improve complexity in writing.
  • Improving reading comprehension and metacognition by using annotation and note-taking strategies.
  • Identifying strategies to master timed writing tasks on exams or in class.
  • Preparing for high school and/or state exams.

To inquire about our English tutoring service, please contact Colleen Weiss at colleen@collegeboundmentor.com.

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