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As deadlines are fast approaching, we are offering a free download of a Case Study from Surviving the College Application Process. We hope seeing how Hayley successfully applied to college will give you some help and insight as you fill out your applications. Best of luck! Please be sure to “follow” us on Facebook or on Twitter for college related news. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter filled with great information.

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[clear] Here’s what a parent of a senior applying to college said:

Since I opened the first page of your book, it has traveled with me to work, to a comfy reading chair and to my bedside table. I have been saying a lot of ‘the book says…’ and ‘Lisa said’ as well. I enjoy picking apart your case studies to find the pieces that make up my daughter. The Common Application section has been a great resource for helping her figure out where to put all the extra information that had not been asked in addition to understanding the difference between the supplemental essays and personal statement. I have recommended your book to a few of my friends who are also working/fighting with their senior children.

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