Turning Panic into Calm

“I never got the email,” a parent expressed after an exchange about additional essays.  How could that be?  I knew the email was sent out six weeks ago.  Two months ago, I turned [...]

Should I Send It?

As the early deadlines approach, students wonder what, if any additional information should they send. Here is a great chart created by Tufts admissions that will help you decide if you should [...]

Making the Final College Decision

“Do you think a day can go by without you asking me where I want to go to college?”  My daughter, who’s a high school senior, asked me. I smiled back, because I knew she [...]

Wemberly Worried Goes to College

One of my kids’ favorite books when they were little was Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes about a little girl mouse who worried about everything, especially starting school. What if the teacher [...]