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    Over the last two decades working with applicants, I’ve always appreciated that everybody deserves a fresh approach because personal interests, writing styles, interview presence and levels of confidence truly vary.  Admissions counselors are educators, and I always knew that I wanted to be involved with the education industry even when I graduated from Harvard Business School.

    As an advisor to applicants for the top MBA programs, I have developed strong insights into what makes for a successful college experience.  Helping Prep MBA clients get into Stanford’s GSB, Harvard Business School, Wharton, MIT Sloan, Chicago Booth, Columbia Business School and other top graduate programs gives me access to young adults who have navigated strong undergraduate experiences.  These clients  focused on areas of study that were a strong fit for them, deepened their footprint over time in a few extra-curriculars versus many, and had tried to impact their community versus just taking on exclusively self-serving pursuits.   This also applies to college applicants. 

    My work also gives me exposure to mistakes people have made choosing colleges, college majors, and personal activities and habits.  College admissions counseling is a storytelling business.  At times, applicants can feel that they are not special or different—however, everybody has interests, motivations, dreams and achievements they can highlight in a memorable way that connects emotionally with admissions officers.  I love writing, editorial and interview coaching, and bring these skills to College Bound Mentor so clients can make the right choice for them.   

    I was also a college athlete, and bring that competitive spirit of achieving results for all my clients, both from the U.S. and abroad.    

    What will your own journey be to college and beyond?  Let’s start planning. 

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