Sally Spector

    I’ve always been a story fiend. As I kid, I ploughed through hundreds of books: I couldn’t stop until I knew what happened. I had that same enthusiasm for good movies, bad TV, and the one side of the conversations I could hear eavesdropping on my mom’s phone calls as I pretended to read in the living room. I like listening to people’s stories as much as the ones I read or watch. I think that’s because my trial-lawyer dad was such an amazing storyteller.

    My fascination with story continued in college. I majored in art history at Colorado College, hooked on the ways art tells the story of how beauty and worth change over time. Next, I went to the University of Minnesota Law School thinking I wanted to be like my dad and speak for someone else as an advocate and litigator. It turned out I wasn’t cut out for the rigors of the courtroom. Instead, I shifted to a career in marketing and communication in order to help lawyers and law firms better tell their stories. Through it all, I kept reading, watching, and listening and began to take classes to understand more about my own writing and about how good storytelling works.

    In those classes, I learned new things about the process and structure of storytelling. When my sons were applying to college, I shared some of that information with them. They said my help made it made it easier for them to write their essays, so they asked me to help their friends. After that some of my friends asked me to work with their kids. About five years ago, I finally realized that that helping students write their college admissions essays is my most favorite job ever.

    Now, I love being there to guide students as we strategize about which stories to tell. I love knowing how to help illuminate the moments that shows the best of who you are with excellence and authenticity. Mostly, I love that I get the privilege of listening as you tell yourself what these stories really mean to you, often for the first time. I believe in story and know that everyone has one. Can I help you tell yours?

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