Ten ways to know if you have a college freshman

Written by Lisa Bleich.

  1. You go to the post office several times a week to mail forgotten items, e.g. “my black flats, my graphing calculator” to your child.
  2. You wake up with an empty feeling in your stomach when you realize she’s not there.
  3. You check your text every couple of minutes to see if you receive one from your child and excitement courses through your body when you do! (Pictures especially send you a thrill!)
  4. You look into her room with longing (wondering how it could still be just as messy now that she’s gone!)
  5. You find yourself sad for no apparent reason close to tears in the morning once you drop off your younger child at his sport.
  6. You reach out to other parents with kids at your son’s school to see if they’ve heard any news, since it’s been radio silence since he left.
  7. You read the weather report and any news from the city surrounding the college with great interest.
  8. You cringe each month when you get the bill!
  9. You put back your child’s favorite food at the supermarket when you realize he’s not home anymore.
  10. You are excited and hopeful for them to have an amazing year!
  • Abe Bleich

    Yes I remember it well

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