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We are available to speak on any number of topics around the College Application Process. Some of our past topics have included:

  • Positioning Yourself for the Right College
  • What to Expect When You’re Applying
  • The College Tour…Where to go and what to do when you get there
  • Using the Essays to tell Your Story
  • Crafting Your Story for the College Application
  • Surviving the College Application Process
  • The Angular Student
  • Applying to College for Students with Mental Health Issues
  • Applying to College for Students with Learning Differences
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Upcoming speaking engagements:

Previous speaking engagements:

[html element=”strong” class=”datealign”] Jan. 28:  Making the Most Out of Summer – Scotch Plains 

[html element=”strong” class=”datealign”] Jan. 11: Making The Most of Your Summer – Westfield High School

[html element=”strong” class=”datealign”] 2015

[html element=”strong” class=”datealign”] [html element=”strong” class=”datealign”] Nov. 5 : Positioning Yourself for College – St. Louis Park, MN

[html element=”strong” class=”datealign”] Oct. 20 : “The College Tour” – interactive seminar with Lisa Bleich 

[html element=”strong” class=”datealign”] Lisa was recently interviewed by College Admissions Toolbox about How to Find Your Unique Angle for College Admissions Success

[html element=”strong” class=”datealign”] March 31: The Angular Student – Use Your Strength to Stand Out in the College Admission Process – West Chester East

[html element=”strong” class=”datealign”]March 10 : Crafting Your Story for the College Application – Westfield High School

Attention IECs: Lisa moderates a webinar on “Managing College Bound Students with Mental Health Issues”

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