Application Follow Up

Here is what you should do to make sure that your applications are all complete and submitted:

CommonApp Schools

Check the Recommenders and FERPA Tab Frequently for Each School:

This will let you know when your transcripts and letters of recommendation have been submitted and downloaded.  If you see “submitted,” that means your counselor has sent the report. When you see “downloaded” that means the college has downloaded it into its system.

Secondary School Report

Check the Review and Submit tab to determine if the application has been submitted successfully.

The Review and Submit – CommonApp should look like this:



If your college has a Writing Supplement, you must remember to submit that as well.

Once you have submitted the Application and the Writing Supplement, your My Colleges should look like this:

Following Up Post Submission for All Colleges (CommonApp and Non CommonApp) 

After you submit your applications, many schools will send you an e-mail to acknowledge receipt of your application and instructions to establish a personal account to the school’s portal.

When you log into the individual school sites, you will be able to see what has been completed and received.

If you know that you have done everything correctly, but still find something missing, call the school in question and wait for them to confirm that they have everything.  Remember, they have thousands of pieces of information coming from different sources, and they are human and do make mistakes.  It also simply takes time to process all of the pieces of the application.

Check Your E-Mail Daily

Many schools will send you a follow up e-mail to confirm that they have received everything or that something is missing.  It is incumbent upon you to check your e-mail daily to make sure that your colleges have received everything.


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  • Nehemiah Solomon

    Hi my name is Nehemiah and i’m a senior class of 2021 and i signed up for the black common app but i’m not sure how it works.

    • Lisa Bleich

      Hi Nehemiah,

      The Black Common App lets you apply to HBCUs using one application.
      The CommonApp has many more members and also include some HBCUs.

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