Becker College

College review by Diane Forman

Becker College is a small college with 1,739 students, 1200 of whom are full-time, located in a suburban part of Worcester, MA. Tree lined streets and lovely older homes surround the campus. Both two and four year degrees are offered.

There is also a second campus in Leicester, MA, a more rural setting, that houses the veterinary science program, the equestrian program and athletic fields. Housing is offered on both campuses. Leicester offers more traditional dorm style living while Worcester residence halls are in large homes. The two campuses are 6 miles apart and a shuttle connects the two.

Average admitted students have a 2.0 or above average in college prep coursework and 800 – 900 SAT’s for CR and Math combined. Higher academic requirements apply to both the Nursing and Veterinary Science programs. Students hail from the Worcester area, and New England, but Becker is looking to expand its reach.

Becker offers 9 Bachelor’s and 7 Associate Degree programs. Becker has 3, 2-year programs in Nursing, Animal Care, and Vet Tech. Popular four-year majors include Vet Science, Nursing, Interior Design, and Graphic Design. A new major in computer game design was recently added. Becker offers experiential learning to its students and best serves students who learn by doing. The small class size available at Becker allows professors to really get to know students. Professors care about their students’ success and want them to succeed.

Learning Support

The level of support at Becker can be categorized as coordinated services. Services for students with documented learning disabilities are offered on both campuses through the “CLC” or Collaborative Learning Center. Accommodations offered include extended time on tests, distraction free testing environment, and the opportunity to work with learning specialists. Weekly, 1- hour appointments are available. The CLC serves all students who are experiencing academic difficulties.

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