Freshman College Schedules, Ease In

#Collegeplanning, #Freshmanyear We overheard some students planning their freshman college schedule. “I got a 5 on the AP Bio exam, so I’m placing out of Bio 100 and am taking a harder class.” “I [...]

The Importance of Admitted Student Day

“I’m so bored!!” My daughter whisper complained to me during the third hour of the business school Admitted Student Day presentation.   She was much more interested in what her [...]

Hard to Wait for Early Decisions

Tensions run high.  A single look can generate screams, cries or outbursts.  Every post on Facebook creates anxiety and the lingering question: “When will I find out?  I just want to know [...]

Creating Your Personal Brand

Written by Lisa Bleich The process you started of identifying your strengths, talents and skills when you applied to college continues as you begin looking for an internship or job.  You [...]

So You Want to Be a Journalist…

Written By Lisa Bleich Last month, I attended a talk by Allen Sepinwall, the TV writer for the Star Ledger, and Author of the book TV Revolution,..  It was a fascinating discussion about [...]

Securing a College Internship

“So, I just got back from career services and they basically told me that my resume sucks and there is no way I’m going to get an internship in what I want to do.” My daughter, Rebecca, said with [...]

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