Hard to Wait for Early Decisions

Tensions run high.  A single look can generate screams, cries or outbursts.  Every post on Facebook creates anxiety and the lingering question: “When will I find out?  I just want to know already!!!!”

Does this sound familiar?  If so you must have or be a senior waiting to hear from his or her Early Decision or Early Action school(s).  Typically the deadline is by December 15, but each school varies its response and the uncertainty drives expectant students (and their families) crazy.

So here are some tips on what NOT to do during “hell week”

  • Assure your child that of course he or she will get into his school.  Saying things like: “How can they not accept you?  Of course you are going to get in!There is no way to know and even if you believe it in your heart, until the actual admissions decisions comes through, best not to make any predictions or false assurances.
  • Share acceptances of your friends’ kids. I made the mistake of sharing, what I thought was good news about my clients, with my daughter without realizing that every other person’s acceptance created more tension and anxiety about her own pending decision.  So I stopped and quietly kept my good news private until she found out for herself.
  • Keep bringing it up. The best thing to do when tensions run high is to find ways to keep your child distracted. The worst thing to do is feed the frenzy, try very hard not to mention it.

The best way to get through the next few weeks is to cut your child some slack when she yells at you unprovoked.  Recognize that he is under intense pressure and acknowledge it.  In the next week or so, you will have the results and hopefully they will be positive, but if not, check back for some tips on how to manage getting deferred or getting over a denial.

What tips do you have for getting through the weeks of waiting?  Please share them below.

  • Emily

    Take the time to discuss the attributes of the other colleges on your student’s list. There is a reason they are on there- focus on the positives and remember why s/he was excited to apply to each one.

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