Fit Matters

Written by Abby Power I attended my first Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) conference in Boston earlier this month. As I listened to the various speakers and presenters talk [...]

Inspiration Can Happen Anywhere

Most writing doesn’t happen behind a laptop. It happens when your mind is free to wander and let an idea percolate and clarify itself. So as you prepare to write your personal statements and [...]

Broken Test Tubes Can Lead to Success

By Lisa Bleich “Julia is going to kill me!” I moaned when I discovered the broken test tube in my backpack. We had taken the sludge test home to try to finish the final project for IPS [...]

Cleaning the Fence and College Apps

Written by Lisa Bleich. Last year, with the power outage of Hurricane Sandy and the 2011 October snowstorm still fresh in my mind, I decided to be pro-active and install an electrical outlet [...]