Inspiration Can Happen Anywhere

Most writing doesn’t happen behind a laptop. It happens when your mind is free to wander and let an idea percolate and clarify itself.

So as you prepare to write your personal statements and other essays for college be open to what runs through your mind:

  • Right before you fall asleep
  • On a walk, run, bike ride
  • In Yoga, Kick boxing, or the outfield
  • Taking a shower
  • While you are driving
  • While you are talking to a friend about a problem or something unrelated
  • Waiting for the subway or bus or inline at Chipotle

Keep a note pad or your phone handy and jot it down, make a voice memo or note for yourself. Whatever works for you to get the idea down. Collect your ideas, random thoughts, etc. over a few weeks so when you sit down to write you will already have the inspiration. We are available to help craft your story.

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