Bard College Visit

(Includes Learning Support) I visited Bard college during September as the leaves were turning color and felt the same feeling of expansiveness as my colleagues Linda Kay and Diane Forman felt [...]

5 Tips For Planning College Visits

Colleges are finally open to in person visits after a long hiatus.  Below are five tips on how to plan the trips effectively and what you can do while you are there. We used #Boston University as [...]

St. Louis University

Saint Louis University is an excellent option for students who want a faith-driven, service-oriented, pre-professional school located in a great city.  The philosophy that permeates the campus is [...]

Making the Final College Decision

“Do you think a day can go by without you asking me where I want to go to college?”  My daughter, who’s a high school senior, asked me. I smiled back, because I knew she was [...]

The Importance of Admitted Student Day

“I’m so bored!!” My daughter whisper complained to me during the third hour of the business school Admitted Student Day presentation.   She was much more interested in what her [...]

American University *Update*

Written by Lisa Bleich My overall impressions remained the same as my previous visit, but with several important changes regarding the campus facilities, admissions selectivity, financial aid and [...]

Georgetown University

Visited by Lisa Bleich The students looked happy, attractive, diverse, engaged and excited to be there.  Jaime from admissions described Georgetown students as sociable, friendly, sharp, and [...]

Grappling with the Final College Decision

“What are you grappling with?” I asked each of the Harvard Business School mentees as they joined my table during the speed mentoring evening. “The CEO of the my company just offered me a new job [...]

The Virginia Schools Tour

Written by Lisa Bleich and Beth Cassie. We spent a fabulous week touring seven Virginia Universities, six public and one private. Each school is unique and impressive in its own right. Virginia [...]

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