West Point College Visit

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point trains cadets to live honorably, lead honorably, and demonstrate excellence by following through Character, Academic, Physical, and Military programs. We [...]

Lewis and Clark College Visit

Lewis and Clark, a small liberal arts college of 2,100 undergraduate students located in Portland, Oregon offers 29 majors, 28 minors, and robust pre-professional programs. The campus feels very [...]

Reed College Visit

Reed College We were led to the information session by a student with understated pink hair, a pink dress, and pink boots.  We walked through a wood paneled ceiling chapel into an [...]

Wake Forest

We had the opportunity to visit Wake Forest as part of a North Carolina college tour that Beth and I organized.  We arrived on a beautiful, brisk February morning.  We had an hour before the [...]

Context Is Key

“Context is key.”  We heard this idea over and over again at the IECA Conference in Los Angeles this week.  Perhaps it was a response to the Harvard case that’s been in the news over the past [...]

Syracuse University

College review by Lisa Bleich Syracuse feels like a large, state school, with state-of-the art amenities at every turn.  The indoor sports stadium is outstanding and among the four nicest [...]

Colgate University *Updated*

College review by Lisa Bleich (1/16) We arrived on Colgate’s campus just as the snow was starting to fall. The campus was just as beautiful as I remembered and my daughter, Kayla, was also [...]

University of Pittsburgh

College review by Beth Cassie * update* The University of Pittsburgh campus is concentrated within a quarter square mile of the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Oakland is the educational, [...]

Penn State

Written by Beth Cassie * Update* I spent two days on Penn State’s main campus, primarily touring the athletic facilities. I arrived on Friday morning, the day before the first home football game. [...]

University of Maryland

The quad at the University of Maryland is beautiful and mirrors the quintessential American university campus portrayed in Hollywood movies. Brick academic buildings line the perimeter, an [...]