Should I Send It?

As the early deadlines approach, students wonder what, if any additional information should they send. Here is a great chart created by Tufts admissions that will help you decide if you should [...]

The Importance of Admitted Student Day

“I’m so bored!!” My daughter whisper complained to me during the third hour of the business school Admitted Student Day presentation.   She was much more interested in what her [...]

Sending Mid-Year Report to Colleges

Now is time to put in a request to guidance to send your midyear report. If you were deferred Early Decision or Early Action, you are now part of the the regular decision school, so colleges will [...]

Get Help at First Sign of Distress

Written by Lisa Bleich “I want to come home, I don’t think I can finish the year, “ My daughter pleaded. “What?” I asked in disbelief. “You have less than a week left of classes and then finals, [...]

LD College Visits

For a student with learning differences, finding a college with the necessary accommodations and academic support services is important to his/her academic success. All colleges must grant [...]

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