Standardized Testing

Students who require additional time or other accommodations on the SATs or ACTs with writing must meet the following criteria.

  • There must be a history of using the accommodation you are requesting within your high school.
  • Documentation must be current (usually within three years of the request).

Each testing agency has a different procedure for requesting extended time.  File for accommodations at least eight weeks prior to your scheduled test date, to allow enough time for processing the necessary paperwork.

For the SAT:

  • You can apply for the accommodations before you register for the test.
  • Accommodations are available for the PSAT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests.  Once you receive accommodations for one test, they will carry over for all other tests.

Click here for the Student Eligibility Form.

Some of the accommodations granted for the SAT include:

  • Extended time; either time and a half (5 hours and 25 minutes) or double time (7 hours over two days)
  • Extra breaks
  • A reader (great for students with dyslexia)
  • A scribe
  • A large block answer sheet that does not require students to bubble in

Click here for a full list of accommodations for the College Board tests:

For the ACT:

The process for applying for accommodations for the ACT is different than the SAT.

The ACT has three options:

  1. Extended Time National Testing for students who only need extended time, but can take the test in one sitting
  2. Standard Time National Testing with Accommodations for students who require alternative test formats such as Braille, a reader, a scribe, or a computer for testing, but do not require extended time
  3. Special Testing for students who require more than time and a half, testing over multiple days, or alternative test formats such as Braille, a reader, a scribe, or a computer for testing. Please note that students applying for Special testing cannot register online.  A professional such as your Guidance Counselor or Case Manager will have to fill out the paperwork for you.

You must register for the test before you can apply for the accommodations. Therefore, it is advisable to register for the test early, which will allow ACT enough time to review your documentation and request. They do not give refunds, but you can request a test date change.

Click here to view the ACT Policy for Documentation.

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