College review by Diane Forman

The Citadel is The Military College of South Carolina and described as both Pre-Professional and Liberal Arts. It is a public college and is best known for its Corps of Cadets.  The students live and study under a classical military system.  About a third of the graduating class accepts military positions, one third go into the work force and one third go onto graduate school. 

There is 100% job placement. There are 2,455 undergraduate students, 626 freshmen.  The ratio of male/female is 92/8. The average GPA is 3.4.  The average SAT’s are 1640: CR 545, Math 555, and Writing 540.  The average ACT is 24.

The students must learn to live by the Fourth Class System.  The new cadets (fourth class) are taught the importance of loyalty and honor.  They must learn the system of requirements, traditional behaviors, duties, and expectations designed to promote the concept of followership. Each fourth year cadet is given a mentor from the first class. 

The mentor is the cadet’s advisor to assist them in coping with the many challenges the cadet faces during the first year in a military environment. The most popular majors are Business/Marketing followed by Engineering, Security and Protective Services, Education, History and Social Sciences. 

The School of Engineering and the Business School are held in high regard. Sports are Division I AA and they also offer a variety of intramural and club sports. There are a high percentage of female athletes.

The vibe is a strict, military, environment. For example the fourth-class cadet (the freshman) must walk in the curb, does not have the privilege of walking on the sidewalk and must walk in single file, 120 steps per minute. The structure is what builds character but they do say there is also time for fun.  The student has to want this environment in order to be successful and has to be able to articulate this loud and clear before accepted.

Learning Support at The Citadel

Coordinated Services

The Office of Access Services, Instruction and Support (OASIS) provide academic support to all students with disabilities.  The Citadel is committed to helping students achieve academic success.

Services include, but are not limited to:

Learning Assistance (study skills, time management, etc.)

Test-taking accommodations

Alternate textbook format

Note takers

Priority registration

Counseling services (through the Citadel Counseling Center)

Tape recorders

*******Course substitutions for math and foreign language may be granted. Each case is determined individually by the director of disability services and is addressed if the student does not do well on the foreign language placement test.

In addition, the Citadel is committed to helping all students gain academic success and offers the following programs.

Corps Squad Program

The Corps Squad Program provides study strategies and academic assistance tailored to the needs of student-athletes.

Learning Strategies (LEAD) Program

Learning Strategies sessions consist of one-to-one or small group appointments.

Math Lab

Walk in service for help cadets in mathematics up to the Calculus II level.

Online Writing Lab (OWL)

The OWL offers tutoring in writing via some kind of screen sharing, audio interaction, or other digital methods.

Reading Strategies Program

This program offers one-to-one and small-group reading tutorials to predominantly freshman cadets but upper-class cadets are welcome.

Mandatory Studies Program

If a student’s GPA falls below a 1.5 he/she is required to go to study hall at least twice a week.  There is also a required meeting with a learning specialist.


The college offers a strong tutoring program.  If a student needs a tutor in a specific course that is not available, they will call on outside resources such as The College of Charleston to see if one is available.

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