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Colgate is a beautiful, gray stone campus that sits atop a hill overlooking a valley full of trees.  Colgate boasts that it ranks as number two for the most “fit” student body, which is not surprising given the many hills that students walk from dorms to classes or from the library to the academic quad.

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Rensselaer is trying to move away from its former acronym RPI to put more emphasis on programs outside of engineering.  Approximately 60% of the 5,500 students major in engineering, with the other popular programs in Architecture, Management, Information Technology, and Electronic Arts.

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Union is a very pretty, campus with built in the shape of a U with building surrounding a large green in the center of campus. Union was the first non-denominational college, which is illustrated by the Noll Chapel in the center of campus. The chapel was designed to represent the three religions.  The stained glass windows represent Christianity, the Hebrew lettering on the roof represent Judaism and the shape looks like a Mosque to represent Islam.


Skidmore is a beautiful campus that almost feels like a summer camp lined with trees and wooded areas.  The colored fall leaves made the campus particularly picturesque.  Skidmore’s tagline is creative thought matters, which permeates the campus.  There is a lot of interdisciplinary learning and many students double major in two seemingly disparate majors like music and politics or dance and business.  Many of the students spoke about how they liked the academic freedom that Skidmore offers and ability to create their own major or combine a lot of different interests.

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Syracuse feels like a large, state school, with state-of-the art amenities at every turn.  The indoor sports stadium is outstanding and among the four nicest stadiums in the country.  Sports are a huge part of the social life on campus and students actively participate as either a spectator or participant in intramural or club sports.  All students are guaranteed a seat at the stadium.  Our names flashed across the electronic scoreboard as we entered the stadium.

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Hamilton sits a top a hill in a picturesque environment.  The buildings are colorful, quaint, and state-of-the art.  It feels as if you are in a resort with beautiful vistas surrounding you.  Students are attractive, articulate, and full of energy.   Students describe themselves as involved, hard working, open-minded, smart, active, and outspoken.  There is a mix of athletic, preppy students and artsy, students with style.

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