Dean College

College review by Diane Forman

Dean is a “small, caring college that bridges the leap between high school and university by offering two year and limited BA degree programs.” They are currently petitioning to increase the number of BA programs. Located about 50 minutes outside of Boston in the town of Franklin, it is a very pretty New England campus.

The student body appeared friendly and down to earth. There is also a population of student athletes on campus; they are very proud of their football team. Dean has a partnership with Suffolk University, a city school located in downtown Boston. If a student graduates with a 2.5 from Dean, they are guaranteed admission to Suffolk.

Learning Support

The strength of Dean lies in their Academic Support Services. They provide personalized advising and support to all students and have many options to choose from.
Personalized Learning Service (PLS): The specialized program for students with documented learning differences Learning Labs: small group tutoring for students who need additional help with a content course with a professional academic coach
ARCH: for students with learning differences and/or ADHD who need intensive academic skill development
Disability Support Services: For students who need accommodations only
Pathway Learning Community: one semester program to assist students who are not LD during the transition to college

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