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Written by Lisa Bleich

As the various technology platforms, e.g.. Naviance, CommonApp, etc. have to communicate with each other during the application process, we found it more complicated for students who used multiple e-mail addresses. Even though it seems like you may be a long way off from applying, what you do today can have long-term implications. Therefore, we recommend the following:

Be consistent.  Use one e-mail address for all college related activities such as Collegeboard, ACT, Naviance, CommonApp, and registering for college visits. Many application related sites use the student’s e-mail to identify you during the process, so it’s best to establish one and stick with it.  Your e-Mail is your key form of identification, so do not use your parent’s e-mail to register for testing or Naviance.


Create a professional and easily identifiable e-mail.  If you already have an e-mail address that uses your first name, last name or first initial, last name (e.g., then continue to use it throughout your college process.

Retire less mature e-mails. If your e-mail address is or something else that is less mature and not identifying, we suggest that you establish a new account and begin using it right away.


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