Junior Timeline

Written by Lisa Bleich

Juniors, start off the year with a plan of what you want to achieve and how.

This will make the year more productive and less overwhelming.

Create a Testing Plan.You can see the full listing of test dates and plan out for the year when you will take what. Register early so you can take the test at your choice of location.

SAT Test dates

ACT Test Dates

Develop a Plan for Junior Year.

Identify two or three academic, social and extracurricular goals for yourself. Junior year is intense, so figure out where you want to spend your time before school starts, so you are not working in overdrive without a direction.


Get to Know Your Guidance Counselor.

This is a great time to develop a relationship with your guidance counselor. Stop by just to say hi and see how his or her summer was.

Visit Colleges In-Person and Virtually.

Columbus Day and Teachers’ Convention (for NJ students) are great opportunities to visit schools, even if it’s only virtually. Pick two to three schools, one large state, one small liberal arts, and one in-between. Keep a journal of likes and dislikes.

Please note that many in-person tours book up quickly because COVID safety precautions have limited the number of visitors. Additionally, many schools have upped their virtual college visit game and have current student tour guides giving the tours live.

Here are some virtual visit sites.

  1. Youvisit.com — Over 600 virtual college visits
  2. CampusReel
  3. Your high school’s Naviance/Family Connection should have a list of colleges conducting a Virtual Visit to your school.

Read here for 5 tips on planning a college visit. 



Take an Online Proctored Practice SAT/SAT

Since the PSATs have been pushed back, use this time to practice taking standardized tests.  Everydae offers inexpensive online tutoring as well as free proctored tests to students.  You can register here. 

When you eventually do take the PSATs, they can only work in your favor if you do well, they will not hurt you if you do not do well. They are used to determine National Merit Scholars and give students an opportunity to get used to the SATs.

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