Marist, *Updates for Vassar and Swarthmore*

Beth Cassie


Located along the shores of the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie, NY, Marist is a mid-sized liberal arts college (approximately 4,700 undergrads) with a strong career-oriented focus.  Marist has been growing in popularity over the past five years – applications have increased by 54% since 2006 leading to increased admission selectivity. Marist is test optional and offers a variety of merit scholarships based on academic performance and athletic and artistic talent.

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Feb. 2012- I visited Vassar earlier this fall and had a similar overall impression of the college.  We arrived early to campus and were waiting in the student center/cafeteria.  There was very little activity at 8:30 am on a Friday morning but when a youngish looking professor walked through seeking his morning coffee, he stopped at our table and asked us where we were visiting from.

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Feb. 2012 –  I, too, spent a week at Swarthmore, but as a student in the IECA Summer Institute program.  During the week I became very familiar with the Science Center, the dining hall and my dorm room at the edge of campus.  Most of the students on campus were attending a variety of high school sports camps; Swarthmore does not hold any classes over the summer.  As part of my week I did get attend an info session and get a tour of the campus from a student.  I did not fully appreciate Swarthmore until I revisited the campus in the fall when it was filled with students.

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