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College review by Diane Forman

Marymount College is located along the coastline of Southern California in Palos Verdes.  It is a small (maximum of 793 students), catholic school that provides a wonderful learning environment for students of all faiths who would benefit from the caring and nurturing academic environment.

They do an excellent job of guiding the students on what they need to transfer to a four-year institution after completing an associates degree.  They are now offering BA degrees in Business, Liberal Arts, and Media Studies in addition to the AA degrees.

Marymount has a residential community. The students have to take a shuttle from the dorms to the main campus.   Palos Verdes North offer townhouse style dorms with two bedrooms, 1.5 baths, full kitchen, living room and patio.  The upperclassman can live at Pacific View West, a newly renovated apartment building located in downtown San Pedro.

Learning Support for Students with Disabilities

While Marymount has always had a reputation of providing excellent support to students with learning disabilities, they have launched two new programs this fall. They truly put their students’ needs as their number one priority and they felt that these two new programs would be beneficial to the students who needed additional support at the college level.  They both are fee-based programs.  The student must be accepted to Marymount and then can apply to one of these programs.

MAAP-Mariner Academic Assistance Program

MAAP Coordinator, Sharon Johnson, Director, Learning Center

The goal of MAAP is to strengthen academic skills in Math, English or Reading, by providing standing tutorial appointments with professional tutors in each subject matter.  The students can choose how much help they want; two, three, or four appointments per week.

MAST-Mariner Academic Strategies and Techniques Program

Ruth Proctor, Coordinator, Disability Services

Sharon Johnson

The goal of MAST is to provide intensive and individualized support for students who have experienced academic difficulty due to a learning disability and need to acquire academic strategies for success.   The professional learning specialists in MAST provide services such as academic coaching, monitoring of course progress, guided study, use of assistive technology and teaching the students to practice self-advocacy.

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