Mount Ida College

College review by Diane Forman

Mount Ida is a small (1500 students), supportive college located in Newton, Massachusetts. It offers both Associate Degrees and Bachelor Degrees and blends pre-professional and liberal arts. The largest major is Veterinary Technology with a brand new, five million dollar facility on campus.

Some other interesting majors are Bereavement Studies and Funeral Home Management, Hospitality Management, Sports Management and Equine Management. The motto of the school is “From Potential to Achievement”. The school attracts a B-, C+ student, middle SAT is 1100.

Learning Support

Mount Ida offers a comprehensive, fee based, learning support service called the Learning Opportunities Program (LOP) for students with documented learning disabilities. A noteworthy fact for the school is that they do not require a foreign language for admissions nor is foreign language required as part of the curriculum. The student life is a little quiet on the weekends; many students work or go home. There is no Greek Life on campus.

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