Elon University

College review by Lisa Bleich

North Carolina has become a popular destination for students due to its easy access and temperate weather. I was in North Carolina last week visiting colleges, unfortunately I got caught in Hurricane Ida. In spite of the rain, I enjoyed my visits. Davidson, Elon, and Wake Forest all listed NJ as the second or third highest represented state in their applicant pool. Below are some highlights of the schools I visited that draw a lot students from outside of North Carolina.

Students hanging outside at Elon

Elon has a pretty, traditional looking campus with brick buildings. Students appeared clean-cut from a variety of backgrounds. Elon focuses on people, programs, and faculty interaction. Its strongest programs are business, education, communication, and biology. They also have a state-of-the art communications and business school.

Students apply to Elon University but do not need to choose a major until the second semester of sophomore year. The administration spoke about how Elon “transforms” students, however when I asked the panel of students how they had been transformed, their responses were fairly standard from “I changed my major from biology to business” or “I became more independent.”


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