The Next Two Weeks

Written by Beth Cassie

Decisions are coming in fast and furious between now and April 1. While some of the most selective colleges and universities have already released their decisions (Wash U 3/9, University of Chicago 3/13, MIT 3/14), many colleges will release decisions next week including the highly anticipated Ivy League decisions on March 27. Here’s what we know:

Many colleges that offer Early Decision filled a good percentage of their class with ED applicants.  What will regular decision acceptance rates look like at these schools?

  • Duke saw a 25% increase in their ED applications and accepted a record 797 students or 47% of the class incoming freshman class.
  • ED applications were up 16% at Northwestern and 925 students were accepted. This represents 45% of the class of 2018.
  • Johns Hopkins ED acceptances represent about 40% of the class.
  • Washington University in St. Louis filled 35% of the freshman class with ED applicants.

Across the board we heard about many more deferrals from Early Action schools this year. How will students who were deferred EA and ED fare during the regular decision round? We are hopeful that students will continue to hear good news over the next few weeks.




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