Northeastern University

College review by Diane Forman

Their signature program is the their cooperative learning or“co-op”. The students can spend up to three six-month periods working full time, often for pay. While participating in the co-op the students do not have to pay tuition, but they are still considered a full-time student.

Because of the working component, many Northeastern students complete their college experience in five years, but will pay the same tuition as the four years, room and board is an additional cost. However, last year Northeastern announced that they are moving to a four year option as well.

Learning Support

Northeastern offers a comprehensive, fee for service program for students with documented learning disabilities through the Disability Resource Center. They can meet with a learning specialist at least two times a week to receive tutoring and help with study skill strategies. The students get assigned a “Super Advisor” who helps them with course selection. There is a separate application for the program and an interview with the director is required. Substitutions for foreign language are allowed at Northeastern but not for math.

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