NY area schools: Vassar, NYU, and Sarah Lawrence

This past week, my daughter and I continued on our college visits with a new parameter of being within a 2-hour drive from our home in New Jersey.  As I’ve mentioned before, the college search process is indeed a process of self-discovery and understanding needs and interests.

A few years ago, my daughter couldn’t wait to be as far away from New Jersey as possible, but as the time became more real, she had a desire to stay close to home.  So we identified three schools that fit her academic criteria of a strong creative writing department along with her geographic criteria.  Ironically, most of these schools did not make the list originally for one reason or another, but as this is indeed a process, we reworked the list.

Our first stop was Vassar College; next we went to NYU and ended the tour with Sarah Lawrence College.


Vassar’s open curriculum provides great opportunities for students who desire academic freedom and want to explore a lot of different areas of study. Vassar has only three requirements, Freshman Writing Seminar, a Quantitative class and a foreign language requirement (this can be waived if students receive a 4 or 5 on their AP language test or a 600+ on the SAT subject test for foreign language).

While students have free reign to design their curriculum, Vassar provides them with extensive academic advising starting with a pre-major advisor, a major advisor, a minor advisor, a study abroad advisor, an internship advisor, pre-med or pre-law advisor, and pretty much any other type of advisor that student wishes.

..Full report for Vassar, Sarah Lawrence and NYU….

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