Rebounding from Failure

Written by Lisa Bleich

As I ran through my mind the students featured in my book Surviving the College Application Process: Case Studies to Help You Find Your Unique Angle for Success, I realized that most of them faced a failure, which ultimately propelled them to success.

Hugh, flat out refused to practice after he did not make the higher level band in his school.  He realized that he acted immaturely and went onto make beautiful music.  Francescsa almost gave up her passion for computer science because she couldn’t get the program to work.

She soon realized that everyone in the class failed in the beginning and she just had to ask for help.  Kyle let his fear of failure keep him from pursuing varsity soccer as a sophomore. Fueled by his failure, he attacked his newfound passion of acting with force, no longer letting his fears hold him back.

So instead of thinking of Failure as the F word, think of it like this:

F: Fail, fall, or fumble, it’s all in how you get up that matters

A: Accept the mistake and move on

I: Let it Inspire and push you forward

L: Learn from your mistake; don’t dwell

U: Understand what you can do better the next time!

R:  Regroup and rebound; resilience is the name of game.

E:  Excel and move ahead!

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