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Rollins: Chef Gustavo

Rollins College has a gorgeous campus located on the shores of Lake Virginia in Winter Park, Florida only ten minutes from downtown Orlando.  My visit was most enjoyable starting with a personal greeting from the Dean of Admission and Enrollment, David Erdmann, who grew up in Cranford, NJ and noticed that I was from Westfield and wanted to introduce himself.

The theme that pervades the campus is caring and building relationships between the students and faculty for academic success. 

The admissions counselor was a 2006 graduate of Rollins and said the perfect fit is the student who wants a voice in the classroom. There is a vibe of relaxation yet the students take their studies seriously.

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Tampa: Plant Hall

The University of Tampa (UT) offers a beautiful campus located right on the riverfront in downtown Tampa. It is about one and a half hours from Orlando, 30 minutes from the beaches and will be home to the 2012 Republican National Convention. Plant Hall is a national historical landmark that is surrounded by new buildings which gives the campus an interesting feel.  Many of the dorms have been redone and have more of an upscale feeling with nice amenities and eateries on the first floors.

There is a focus on learning by doing and the students are encouraged to participate in internships, research and community service.  Business is one of their more popular majors and they are very proud of their highly ranked John H. Sykes Business School.

While speaking to the students on campus, many said what they enjoyed most about UT is the size of the school, allowing for good relationships with their professors as well as the nice friends they have made.

..Full report for Rollins/Tampa….

University of Tampa
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