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College review by Linda Kay, guest blogger

Rowan University, one of the state universities in New Jersey, is located in Glassboro in the southwestern corner of the state, 18 miles southeast of Philadelphia. Route 322 East passes through rural areas of New Jersey until arriving on Rowan’s campus, which is located on two sides of Mullica Hill Road.  Newer residence halls that are designed to look like a condominium complex first appear, followed by many contemporary, red brick, steel and glass buildings which comprise most of the architecture on campus.

The engineering building, designed by engineering students, stands out on campus with its very angular, glass look. Although Rowan has a student population of 10,000, it did not seem big or overwhelming, and is very easy to navigate.  And, although it is a public university, average class size at Rowan is 30 students! The student population appeared diverse, friendly, and relaxed. 

A long-awaited addition to campus life Rowan Boulevard, currently in the fifth phase of a seven-phase construction project, offers suite style residence halls, a large Barnes and Noble Bookstore, and a Starbucks.  It will bring needed improvement and commerce to the downtown area of Glassboro with a Marriott Hotel, a theater district, and 65 retail stores and restaurants set to open by fall 2013.

Rowan University

Stand-out programs at Rowan include Communications, which provides state-of-the-art radio, TV, and film equipment, a top-ranked college radio station, and a strong Public Relations major; Education, which accepts students freshman year and provides classroom experiences to first-year students; Business which offers a Wall Street simulator and an entrepreneurship experience, and a new pre-medical track that will begin this fall as Rowan opens its own medical school.

The Engineering Program at Rowan is ranked 16th in the nation, and # 7 for public schools.  Chemical engineering and mechanical engineering are the strongest offerings.  Students benefit from small class sizes and get as much hands-on experience as graduate students would.

One hundred percent of Rowan engineering students gain employment or go on to graduate schools.  Those interested in engineering need to apply early and rank in the top 20% or higher of their high school class.  Last year the average accepted student had a 1350 on their SAT.  Only 35 – 50 students will be admitted to each major of Engineering.

Overall, Rowan seeks students with at least a 3.0 GPA or higher, a 1070 or greater on the SAT (1173 was the average last year), and a 23 or > on the ACT.  Acceptance rate to Rowan for this application year was 50%.  The top 100 admitted students are invited to the Honors Program which provides special housing, a dedicated section of the library, and seminars.  In addition, Honors students receive funding to study abroad, research opportunities and priority registration.

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90% of students are from New Jersey, and tuition for in-state residents is currently $12,000/year or $21,000 total including room, board, and expenses.  Cost to out-of-state students is $28,000 overall.  Merit-based scholarships are available to students with a minimum of 1150 on the SAT and top 20% of their high school class.  Scholarships range from $2,000 – $12,000 for in-state students.

Sixty percent of Rowan students live on campus and that number may increase as new housing is added over the next year. The majority of students stay on campus on weekends, and “Rowan After Hours” offers programs Thursday – Saturday nights.  Big-name musicians and entertainers come to campus each year, and a major concert is held in the spring.

There is Greek life with 24 sororities and fraternities, and about 21% of students participate.  D III sports, clubs and activities are available.  Shuttle busses take students to a nearby train station with access to the 3 major cities, as well as directly to Philadelphia.

For students seeking a public university with a smaller school feel, Rowan offers an affordable education, range of majors, particularly strong engineering, communications, business, and education, and a welcoming, friendly environment.

Special addendum: Disabilities program

Diane Forman and Linda Kay, guest blogger

Disability Resources: Academic Success Center
Savitz Hall
Phone: 856-256-4233

Level of Support: Coordinated Services

The Office of Disability Services is located within the Academic Success Center and falls into the category of coordinated services. Registered students with the Disability Services can be provided with basic accommodations such as extended time, an alternative test environment, and note-takers, who receive training, and volunteer their time through a service-learning project called “Lending a Pen”.  Note-takers receive permission to attend classes with the students they support.
The Director of Disability Services, John Woodruff, will also meet informally with students. The university welcomes qualified students on the spectrum and hold a number of events in early April to raise awareness about autism on the Rowan University campus including a student panel and presenting the movie “Temple Grandin.” Disability services works with Residential staff to raise awareness about autism and Asperger’s.
Additional services offered to students through the Academic Success Center:

Mentoring/Coaching Program
Graduate students and some selected undergraduates meet with students once or twice per week to provide coaching for executive functioning and help students be successful on campus.  An orientation for this program is held in June for students and parents.  The mentoring program is geared for freshman and transfer students.

Tutoring (open to all students)

Peer tutoring: Tutors are students who have been recommended by professors and have received an A in the class.

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