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During my last “Moms’ Weekend” for my daughter, Gabby’s sorority at WashU in St. Louis, my daughter and I decided to visit Saint Louis University.   Gabby was eager to see how they run their visits since she has been very involved in Admissions during her four years in college.

St. Louis University has a pretty, red brick, self-contained campus right in downtown St. Louis about a ten-minute walk from the Arch.   There is a central walkway the cuts through the campus forming a T.  Several theaters and museum are located just outside of the campus.

During the information session, the admissions counselor described the numerous food options on campus and throughout Saint Louis.  In fact, she spoke so much about the wonderful restaurants in an around campus, that we both left starving!

She is not wrong.  Saint Louis has a strong culinary scene ranging from farm to table outdoor garden brunch spots to authentic, old school Italian fare on The Hill to chic French brasseries and other eateries in the Central West End.  What makes SLU’s location so enticing is that the campus is completely enclosed, but right outside campus, there is a lively cultural, sporting and food scene.

Saint Louis University is a Jesuit college with a strong emphasis on service and the belief that students are here to serve a higher good. The admissions counselor reported that about 54% of the student body is Catholic, but our tour guide said it was closer to 75%.  The campus community is inclusive and emphasizes service in action.  The Campus Ministry has a large presence on campus; 9 pm mass at St. Francis Xavier church is hopping!

However, SLU’s wants students of all faiths to live a life through service.  The philosophy that permeates the campus is that we are here to make a difference in the world we are part of, regardless of our faith.

To that end SLU offers nine living and learning communities around academics and values. MICA is one of the most popular living and learning communities.  MICA is centered around the bible verse act justly, walk humbly in the service of God.  Students in MICA commit to a weekly service and community night.  They take classes, live and do service together.  Half of the first year students participate in a living and learning community.

Student Body

The students are clean-cut, focused and have a strong sense of community and service.  Our tour guide hailed from just outside of Chicago and was in the nursing program.  She spoke about the great nursing and pre-health programs at SLU with ample opportunities to get clinical experience at one of the neighboring hospitals.  She was involved in the MICA living and learning community as well as a sorority.

Many of the students participate in sports either at the DI varsity level or club level.  Their top two sports are basketball and soccer.  Around 23% of the student body also participate in Greek life.  Overall we found students welcoming and friendly, stopping to help us as and directing us to the admission presentation.  While some students come from California and and the East Coast, the majority of students come from the Midwest and surrounding areas.


SLU has very strong health science programs including nursing, occupational therapy and physical therapy.  They are also strong in business and engineering.  Many students also study abroad and have opportunities for nursing and engineering students to also study overseas.

Given its pre-professional focus, 94% of students either have jobs or participate in a year of service within six months of graduation.

Admissions/Financial Aid

SLU offers a direct admit program for nursing and it is by far their most competitive program.  They look for a rigorous curriculum with an average ACT score of 29 (although many have a score closer to 31) as well as experience shadowing nursing professionals.  Nursing students must apply by 12/1.

SLU provides merit scholarship ranging on average from $3,000 to $20,000. They also offer a full tuition Presidential scholarship (requires. 3.85 GPA and 30 ACT/1390 SAT scores), leadership scholarship and Martin Luther King (3.25 GPA and 23 ACT/1130 SAT scores) scholarship for diversity and social justice.   Their scholarships are stackable.


Saint Louis University is an excellent option for students who want a faith-driven, service-oriented, pre-professional school located in a great city.

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