Sarah Lawrence College

College review by Lisa Bleich

Sarah Lawrence College (SLC) is a very pretty campus in Bronxville, NY about 35 minutes north of Manhattan.  The SLC curriculum is modeled after the Oxford and Cambridge system of education with “Dons” or individual tutors/professors to guide a student’s education.

There is total freedom in the choice of classes and professors.  In fact, students interview professors prior to making their course selection to make sure that the chemistry is right and will provide a good learning experience.

Club Room Hangout

SLC is all about inclusion, exploration, and inquiry.  Our tour guide was originally from Ethiopia and had immigrated to Oakland, CA during high school.  She was extremely nice and open, however, she seemed quite tired during the tour.

She talked about her experience being so far from her Mom, to whom she was very close, and how SLC is like a surrogate family due to its small size (1,300 students) and intimate academic approach.

There were numerous posters highlighting events, plays, speakers, etc. around campus.  There was also a clubroom that focused on inclusion and looked like a hangout from the sixties for self-awareness, acceptance, and peace.  Students were friendly, but low key.  The campus was quite large for such a small student body.  There was a lovely central quad with a wooden archway that led down the main walking area.

While SLC is particularly known for its outstanding visual and performing arts, dance, film, creative writing and humanities, it also has a stellar science department and a 100% acceptance rate into medical school.  There is a separate building for film, dance, theater, and music.

Interesting Events

SLC is 75% female and 25% male.  The campus is also very welcoming to the LBGT community and fosters a feeling of openness to all.

SLC is a great school for independent learners and students who want a tight-knit, welcoming community and don’t mind the uneven ratio of girls and guys.

My daughters’ impressions: “I love the openness of the curriculum and the classes offered, but I can’t go to a school with no guys!”

So after our New York tour, my daughter decided to remove the geographic limitation.  Boston, here we come.  We may even put Kenyon back on the list, since she really enjoyed her summer there.

Sarah Lawrence College
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