SAT II Math Levels I and II: Which test is right for you?

Written by Beth Cassie

We had the opportunity to attend a local luncheon with other Independent Educational Consultants last month where the guest speaker was Mark Weinfeld, a math educator with over 25 years of experience.  Mark discussed with us the differences between the Math Level I and II subject tests. 

If you chose to take the SAT versus the ACT, you may be required to take additional SAT II subject tests for admission to specific colleges. Level II is recommended for students who are interested in pursuing quantitative studies in college (engineering, physics, math, etc.)

For admission to some specific programs, the Level II exam is required (check admission requirements for your particular school and program).  Students need to have completed a solid pre-calculus course in order to be prepared for the Level II exam. 

Level I is the math subject test for the rest of us.  Algebra and geometry skills make up nearly 70% of the test. 

Mark noted that there is a growing trend where all students are taking the Level II exam, regardless of their future academic interests.  We see that trend as well, and recommend that students take subject tests that are the appropriate level based on their achievement in high school math and their future goals.

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