Sending Mid-year Reports

Now is time to put in a request to guidance to send your midyear report. Many schools to which you were accepted Early Decision still require a Midyear Report.  Each high school has a different process, for some schools you just need to e-mail your guidance counselor the list of schools that require a Midyear Report and they will do the rest, for others you may need to fill out a paper form.  You can download a paper version of the Midyear Report for Common Application schools in the recommendation section, but hopefully your guidance counselor can do it electronically.

If a school does not require the Midyear Report, but you did well, it’s a good idea to still send them a copy.

If you have additional information to report since you applied, you can write a quick note informing the various schools about what has changed since you applied. If nothing has changed (and for the January 1 deadlines, probably nothing has changed!) then no need to send a note. If you were deferred from an Early Decision or Early Action school and it is still your top choice, make a statement that it is still your top choice and make a connection as to why you are a good fit.

Below are some examples of what constitutes new information

1) Additional leadership role(s)

2) Senior project or independent study description

3) Additional award(s)

4) If you made Captain for spring sport

5) If you started working at a new job

6) If you got a part in the spring musical/play

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