St. Edward’s University

Written by Lisa Bleich


St. Edward’s University is located right in the heart of Austin. Students are funky, independent, accepting, and open to the world. Many of the international students come from Europe (10% of students are international) and it’s not uncommon to hear multiple languages being spoken while students share a cigarette.

St. Edward’s emphasizes global learning and encourages students to not only see the world, but find a way to impact it. Its tagline “take on your world” supports this philosophy. While St. Edward’s is a Catholic university, only 40% of students are catholic. Students welcome diversity and as a result are able to express themselves openly; many students sport colored hair, nose piercings and tattoos. Austin offers a plethora of live music, outstanding food, and funky neighborhoods to explore. 

St. Edward’s University

3001 S Congress Ave.

Austin, TX 78704

(512) 448-8400

St. Edward's University
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