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College review by Lisa Bleich

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Susquehanna University is a very pretty campus, all brick and lots of green, set against a farm background. The school is very laid-back as is the student body. The Director of Admissions described it as “One big Happy Family”.

Their student body is fairly homogeneous, but I did see a number of African American students and some other undergraduates who seemed artsy. There is a real sense of community service on a local level within the university. The school attendees have gone on a number of hurricane relief rebuilding trips.

Mission and Causes

Susquehanna University’s mission is to build a global awareness and are requiring some form of experience abroad for all students. They are doing a lot of building on campus and have new dorms and a very nice athletic center and library. The overall environment is quiet, but there are many activities on campus and you are 20 minutes from Lewisburg where Bucknell is located. There is also a graphic art major that is about 5 years old. I went through the art building and I saw a display of digital photos and various art studios.

Where is Susquehanna University Located?

Susquehanna University is about a 3 hour drive from North Central NJ (you just take 80 all the way). It is a rural campus, so students will have to be okay with that. I visited on a rather rainy day, so there were not too many students out and about, but the students seemed very friendly.

A Harmonious Student Body

I was in the student center and there was a big survey posted in the center on large banners asking about diversity. The survey was interesting because the questions were about:

  • Have you ever said something derogatory about somebody different?
  • Have you ever felt like you were different on campus?
  • Have you ever felt discriminated against?

Students put a tally mark up under each category. I wasn’t clear if the students filled it out themselves or if it was the result of a survey done somewhere else and just posted.

What Awaits Students Outside The Campus

Apart from the interschool activities and facilities, Susquehanna University’s students can also go to events at Bucknell (20 minutes away) such as concerts, writer’s series, etc. Their creative writing game is also very strong, allowing for more interactions and participations in the neighboring events.

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