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Written by Beth Cassie

The facade of iSchool Syracuse shot during daytime. The building is made of bricks, has three levels and wide windows that run from one side of the building to another. Students in casual clothes can be seen outside walking around.

We attended an informative presentation in New York, jointly hosted by the Newhouse School of Public Communications and Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies (iSchool). We were familiar with Newhouse, because it’s home to home to Syracuse’s flagship journalism, advertising and public relations programs. But, we weren’t as acquainted with iSchool.

About iSchool

iSchool, with 515 students, focuses on organizing, delivering, and securing information. It’s part of a new concept, with ten such schools nationwide. During the presentation, speakers discussed the increasing convergence in the marketplace, highlighting how iSchool students benefit from this trend.

They emphasized the ample opportunities for dual enrollment in iSchool and Newhouse or the Whitman School of Management. Because of this, job placement for iSchool graduates has been consistently strong.


iSchool is looking for strong students who are creative, innovative, curious, and collaborative team players. Additionally they have to be focused on solving problems and are not afraid of technology.

Extracurricular activities are important here. Have you been part of a team? Are you engaged in solving problems and looking at challenges? If your answers are yes to these questions, you might want to consider applying for a spot at iSchool. This is because admissions requirements are holistic, with 85 GPA and solid test scores.

The SU reps made it clear that admissions to the iSchool is less selective than for Newhouse. Newhouse average is SAT CR+M 1300, ACT 30, GPA 3.97. Interviews are important and SU makes it easy. They offer interviews at Lubin House located on 61st Street in NYC.

Applicants can indicate up to three schools on their application and should list them in order of interest, but also only list a school first if you are within the range academically. If you are interested in a dual degree, you must meet the requirements for both. Girls interested in technology should apply for the “IT Girl” weekend program offered by the iSchool.

Student Ambassadors

Lastly, the student ambassadors who spoke during the presentation left a strong impression on us. This is because they demonstrated excellent skills. Skills surrounding communication, enthusiasm, and a genuine passion for sharing their experiences at SU.

Whether your interests lie in the intersection of technology with business, sports, music, or any other field, exploring what iSchool has to offer is highly recommended!

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