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College review by Lisa Bleich

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Syracuse University feels like a large, state school, with state-of-the art amenities at every turn. The indoor sports stadium is outstanding and among the four nicest stadiums in the country. 

Sports in Syracuse University

Sports are a huge part of the social life on campus and students actively participate as either a spectator or participant in intramural or club sports.  All students are guaranteed a seat at the stadium.  Our names flashed across the electronic scoreboard as we entered the stadium.

Top Major Selections

While Syracuse University feels like a large state school, there are only 11,000 undergraduates dispersed among the nine colleges.  As a result, the classes are still relatively small and students have good interaction with professors.  Some of the most notable and more select majors are:

  • Visual and performing arts (requires a portfolio/audition)
  • Communications
  • Architecture (admissions is based 50% on the transcript and 50% on the portfolio)
  • Sports Management (only accept 50 students per class)
  • Business
Four people wearing identical long sleeved shirts in red and black stripes. These people are students at Syracuse University.
The Student Panel

Syracuse University’s Student Body

Given the wide range of academic options, Syracuse boasts a diverse student body. This was indicated by the wide range of shoes I saw on campus. Among the types I saw were:

  • Coach
  • Converse
  • funky boots
  • sneakers
  • low boots
  • loafers
  • topsiders 

It was the most diverse student population that we saw on all the tours representing all ethnicities, races, and types.  A large majority of students sported Syracuse apparel which speaks to the very intense school spirit. We noted apparel such as:

  • sweats
  • hoodies
  • sweatshirts
  • shorts
  • t-shirts  

There were also artsy students with colorful scarves.

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Cultural Activities

Most students attend sporting events, but the theater arts and musical theater program performs numerous shows on campus. The program also offers the opportunity to participate in a professional, equity theater located near campus. Additionally, architect and engineering students collaborate within the community to design sustainable and affordable housing.

Syracuse University’s Motto

Syracuse University has a motto of “Scholarship in Action”, which emphasizes the importance of “doing” in addition to learning. The university provides several opportunities for students to get involved in the community or international projects.

For instance, local hospitals, clinics, and research centers offer health students the chance to cater to the needs of patients. Similarly, visual arts students can study abroad in Florence, Italy, to gain firsthand experience and explore new perspectives.

Moreover, engineering students have the opportunity to participate in internships to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Syracuse University aims to prepare its students for their future professions and endeavors. Therefore, the university has an active and engaged alumni association that provides support and guidance to graduates in their careers.

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The Lounge Area at Syracuse University

Grade Requirements

The average GPA for the whole college is a 3.6 out of four with a 1200 SAT, however that varies depending on the individual program.  It can be lower in the programs that also evaluate talent or portfolios for admissions.

Life Outside the Campus

The town of Syracuse is okay. There are local bars that students frequent and hang out in.  On campus housing is very safe. However, my shuttle driver said that it is not uncommon for students living in apartments to be burglarized by locals during school breaks.

Final Thoughts

Syracuse University is a great environment for students who like to be involved and would enjoy a strong school spirit and sports teams. It offers a vibrant tapestry of academic pursuits, with standout programs in visual and performing arts, communications, architecture, sports management, and business.

The diverse student body, evident in the array of footwear and spirited campus attire, underscores a rich cultural mosaic fostering inclusivity and school pride. We appreciate the fact that beyond academics, students engage in a dynamic blend of cultural activities. Students will not run out of things to keep them pre-occupied in the campus.

With its motto “Scholarship in Action,” Syracuse cultivates a hands-on approach to learning, offering myriad opportunities for real-world experience and professional development. While the town’s amenities may vary, the campus provides a safe and spirited haven for students eager to immerse themselves in a dynamic collegiate atmosphere.

In sum, Syracuse University encapsulates an ideal blend of academic rigor, cultural vibrancy, and community engagement, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a fulfilling and spirited college experience.

Syracuse University
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