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I’m passionate about helping my clients see the possibilities. As a former management and organizational change consultant, I think about the college search process much as I approach a business challenge—strategically. During my ten years as a consultant,  I worked on projects ranging from strategic planning, organizational design, marketing strategy, and product portfolio strategy. After having helped companies big and small improve their performance and overcome obstacles, I went to work for a large media company and then for several small start-ups. Through so many experiences inside so many different organizations, I learned that there’s always a path to get to where you want to go. It may not always be in the direction you initially thought, but with a thoughtful plan, you can get there.

Since graduating from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 1996, I have volunteered my time with underserved students in NYC, Chicago and Minneapolis, helping them to navigate the path after high school and see the possibilities. For some that meant a traditional college route, but for many, we worked together to develop an alternative plan — community college, trade school, or work. Regardless of the path, I love collaborating with the kids to come up with a game plan for their education or career, and working with them to communicate their stories, whether in an application, an essay, a resume, or an interview.

At College Bound Mentor, I am able to combine everything that I love doing — working with people, mentoring, education, and strategic thinking. There’s nothing more rewarding for me than helping students find their strengths and take that important first step towards their futures.

How will you thrive? Let’s find out! 

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